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Bloody disgusting, bloody exciting – Carmageddon’s Reboot

I still sit some days and reminisce about a time when I could run over entire communities and leave their point-worthy corpses mangled in my dust to the thunderous tune of Iron Maiden’s ‘Aces High’. Them were the days.

One of the first games I ever played, that my mother could never know about, is about to make a come back. Carmageddon is about to roll it’s bloody wheels over the gaming pavement once more as development team, Stainless games, attempts to revitalise this murderous racer with the upcoming Carmageddon: Reincarnation.

This is exciting to say the least, and it looks like it’s set to be released sometime in this year… so they say. So sit back, take a breath, and prepare yourself for motorised  murder that will hopefully delight gamers as much as it disgusts parental bodies and anal governments (I’m looking at you Australia).

Here is some newly released concept art… not to be mistaken for what it will ultimately look like, but a good indication of the brutality to come:


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