The Simpsons… bringing nostalgia home

ImageArguably the best Simpsons game ever… ok, it is the best Simpsons game ever. This was many peoples’ first taste of co-op and also their first taste of bankruptcy as coin after coin was inserted into this beast.

Well it’s back. On the 7th of Feb, this golden oldie is due to be re-released to the Playstation Network (according to this newsletter) and probably for Xbox live as well.

It saddens me that no announcement was made for PC as co-op is just as relevant on this platform. Plus I don’t own a damn console. Stop making me drool over exclusives, just port the damn thing!  Yeah, I’m looking at you Rockstar… where’s my Red Dead Redemption.

Regardless. The Simpsons arcade game is making a come back, and I could not be more pleased with this choice of unearthed nostalgia.


2 comments on “The Simpsons… bringing nostalgia home

  1. Computer based games just don’t have the speed of control that console games deliver, and some of the original, stand-alone arcade games are much slower and less fun than many as well.

    Great post!

    • they have the speed of control… the only that is missing really, is the controller. Once you have that, easily enough attained, you are golden… there’s nothing a console can do that a pc can’t gaming wise. But I am a pc gamer by heart and too poor for a console, so I am bias! Thanks for the reply

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