Trials Evolution – it’s a whole new game

I had my experience with Trials 2. It was one the first smaller titles I ever had the pleasure of raging to and I loved every minute of it.

The sequel trailer has just dropped and so has my jaw. This is a whole new game! Insanity will commence when this gem is released and I don’t think anyone will be quite prepared for this kind of motorised madness.

Just look for yourself and be careful… pause the video when you are on the verge of an excitement heart attack. I am sure the developers did not intend for the body count that resulted from this trailer.


2 comments on “Trials Evolution – it’s a whole new game

  1. Looks like an exciting game! But, is this a first-person shooter (FPS) game, or a racing game? i saw maybe 2 seconds of a gun shooting, and the rest of it was bike racing and course development.

  2. yeah I saw that. I am also a little confused as to what that was doing there. Perhaps its a minigame, perhaps its an easter egg, perhaps it wasn’t even supposed to be there. Either way, how great does this look 😀

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