Hawken – Mecha madness brought back to life

It’s no secret that chicks dig giant robots! Hell, its no secret that every single person on the planet is secretly a  ‘mechaphile’ when it comes to giant robots battling it out over the fate of the world. If the world is really going to end, may it be at the mechanic hands of a transformers type mecha battle that not even Michael Bay could comprehend.

Adhesive Games, a small team of dedicated indie developers, are looking to bring about the revival of a game genre almost thought lost in time. Mech combat is something only older generations will have an attachment too with games like MechWarrior and Starsiege now only filling nostalgia banks with way to many sighs of disappointed longing. *sigh*

Hawken is here to bring some relief. Although there is word of a new MechWarrior game in the pipeline, Adhesive Games just have more to show for their efforts. Already, over a year into its development process, the studio wants to release Hawken to the public on 12/12/12 as a free-to-play online Mecha FPS.

As a small team of non-funded developers utilising the Unreal Engine, this game is looking amazing and my hat goes off to them. The idea that we may, this year, get to settle our differences with bipedal war machines is too much to bear. I look forward to following the development process and hope the release date doesn’t get pushed back past judgement day.

Check the website here: Hawken

Also, see the official trailer…


2 comments on “Hawken – Mecha madness brought back to life

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