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Firefall – The next generation of MMO

Red 5 Studios has outdone itself… or so it would seem. If you want to MMO but are sick and tired of the traditional warcraft-esque fundamentals getting in the way and boring your tits off then Firefall is probably worth a look. Combining the thrilling pace of a shooter and the expansive open world of an MMO, Firefall seems to be moulding the two with what will hopefully be seamless perfection.

The MMO world has been in serious need of a sci-fi twist. Firefall will take place on Earth about 200 years in the future. Humanity discovers Crystite, the perfect energy source. Humans, being what they are, selfishly guzzle the Crystite like a baby triplet to the last nipple , causing a global cataclysm known as the Melding. After humanity is mostly obliterated, an alien race called “The Chosen” decide to invade the planet and finish the job.

The coolest part about this game is that it will be free to play. Microtransactions will be a primary source of income so let’s hope imbalance is not a consequence… which I am sure it won’t be. Beta testing is happening now, but the buzz surrounding this future release cannot be ignored.

Go to the website… support Red 5!


One comment on “Firefall – The next generation of MMO

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