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Guild Wars 2 – A breath of fresh air

If you are not excited about Guild Wars 2, you had better start! Since its announcement in 2007, the team at ArenaNet have been promising an MMORPG that will break the fabric of traditional grinding and replace it with a fluid, unique setting where players have more impact on the world than ever before seen in this genre.

Besides the fact that this game nulls subscriptions in a free-to-play (after purchasing) universe, Guild Wars 2 is looking to blow traditional MMORPGs out of the periphery of every online gamer with a unique take on outdated systems. The combat will be fluid, the art direction immensely detailed and beautifully rendered, and the music scored by Jeremey Soule, who masterfully produced the music for Oblivion and Skyrim.

The PvP is being taken to a whole new plateau with a World vs World (server vs server) approach that will see 300 players battle it out for multiple objectives. Placing a definite emphasis on the ‘massive’ part of MMO.

We use as much space as we possibly can in order to accommodate over a hundred people from each server fighting on every map,” explains System Designer, Mike Ferguson. “These are the largest maps we can make in Guild Wars 2.” 

With your team mates in tow, players will be accompanied by strong NPCs, walls, gates and boss lords to guard keeps, towers and resource camps – which the enemy will be storming. To break through the front lines, and into victory, resources will be used to construct siege weapons that include trebuchets, catapults, ballistas, arrow carts, and siege golems. PvP like we have never seen!

And now, in a new development, this highly anticipated MMORPG will probably be making its way onto consoles, according to publisher NCSoft. The studio has not released much detail on the matter but they do have a “small development team” working on it.

The Beta is expected in March, so the release date can only be a matter of months away from there. Every gamer looking for a fresh perspective in the stale MMO biscuit will be salivating rivers for a chance to have a taste of this new title. For the majority of us, we will have to wait.


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