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End of Nations – MMORPG? No! Try MMORTS!

The MMO scene has been plagued with role playing. Don’t get me wrong. It’s fun. But the genre is getting overstretched with Warcraft, Conan, Guild Wars and Rift gumming up the works.

In comes ex-Westwood developers at Petroglyph, and Rift developers, Trion, with a whole new spin on the MMO scene – real time strategy. If you don’t know who Westwood is then you must be new to the scene… get back to school! These are the same guys (or a good chunk of them anyway) that gave us such classic and incredible RTS games like Command & Conquer. Clearly they know strategy.

End of Nations is going to be a free-to-play real time strategy MMO that will see 52-player battles on one map (at 20 units each, that’s 1040 units in one conflict). And that’s just the battles. The campaign will take place on an even grander scale. There will be zero base building, no resources to micromanage, so once you have selected your army/squadron, your troops are slapped into battle with the focus being control points and death to the infidels.

Trion have teamed up with Petroglyph to deliver an MMO experience that ruffles some feathers in the online scene. Obviously being a free-to-play title there will be a micro-transactional system but the details on that are unconfirmed. What is known is it won’t be pay-to-win, which is something no developer intends to do unless its a game aimed at the casual dumb slut on Facebook who thinks skill involves pestering others on Facebook for a leg up. This is not a casual experience. This is war!

Of course it will be a social experience says Trion Senior Producer, Chris Lena “We find that what’s really worked is a lot of the social features like clan mechanics, chat, friends lists, being able to find groups together. We want as many people as possible in the game because it makes it more fun for everyone else.”

With an expansive levelling system, in-game currency, PvE and PvP, a free-to-play real time strategy MMO does not sound like a bad idea at all! This is an exciting project that looks to gather insanity as the development process explodes through the beta testing phase.

Check the site, sign up for beta if you please… http://www.endofnations.com/en/


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