Games then, games now

Games then, games now

Oh how things have changed.


5 comments on “Games then, games now

  1. I actually preferred the first Super Mario Bro;s Nintendo game…

    • Yep, will never forget my NES. Got the Mario/Duck combo…WITH GUN 😀 I was the luckiest kid on earth! There was very little hand holding as I recall… although I probably needed it as a 5-year-old! 😛

  2. Crushing failure was character building. Now it’s not a case of ‘can you’ but ‘how long until you’ beat a game.

    • I can’t tell you the amount of times I rage quit as a child. Games these days, rage quitting only occurs ever so seldom. It’s sad. But I guess the faster people beat a game these days the faster they buy the DLC :/

      • I always set the difficulty as high as it will go when playing now, otherwise it doesn’t feel like there is a challenge to anything I play. I think you are right about DLC, I don’t like buying a game on instalments. :-s

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