GameFails – Top 5 of February

These guys are funny. Although what can you expect from the people at Rooster Teeth. Check out the channel on Youtube or go to RooterTeeth.com


2 comments on “GameFails – Top 5 of February

  1. I really must get myself a game system – I keep putting it off, trying to decide which system would be better and which would have the types of games i prefer (i did like the first Super Mario Bros… that, NHL 2000 and Need for Speed ll were the only games I’ve ever played!!). You are pushing me to get one sooner!

    • Sounds like you’d be best off getting a console… xbox or playstation, take your pick. I’m a PC gamer myself, but I always have been. If i could afford a console, I’d get one! 😀 although the games are cheaper on a pc

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