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The next Half Life… or the end of the world?

Every gamer worth his/her weight in spit is sitting in quite anticipation for the next installment in the legendary Half Life series. Did I say quiet anticipation, I meant vocal distress. Valve, and it’s founder Gabe Newel have been quiet about Half Life 3 but that has not stopped the community from voicing their concern.

Trawling through /r/gaming (reddit), the fans are rising up and demanding some word from the larger-than-life protagonist of gaming, Gabe Newell. Newell has recently become a new addition to the billionaires of the industry, making more money selling other developers’ games on Steam than he does off any Valve title. It has now been six years since Half Life 2: Episode 2 was released – a few years too many with such a cliffhanger ending!

There could be many reasons that have hindered the progression of this title. Valve could be waiting for next-gen consoles to be announced. Or maybe Valve just have their hands full with the upcoming DOTA 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. But fans are tired of waiting. While holding an infinite amount of respect for Mr Newell, we just want a word. Could that word be “soon”. Probably not. Maybe Valve have it ready and will drop it on Steam without so much as a preview… wouldn’t that be exciting!? But for now we have no choice but to sit, wait, and enjoy everything else Gabe and Valve have brought to this exponential industry. Viva Valve.


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