Jhonen Vasquez Bioshock art – The Sisters

Jhonen Vasquez Bioshock art - The Sisters

Prolific cult artist and creator of the legendary Invader Zim, Jhonen Vasquez, did some art for Bioshock 2… brilliant!


2 comments on “Jhonen Vasquez Bioshock art – The Sisters

  1. Brilliant. Serious fan service, in a very distinctive style. You can almost see Zim in the background somewhere. I’d really like to see how he would done art for the original, with the Big Daddy/Little Sister relationship and everything – not that the Big Sisters weren’t cool, but they just didn’t quite have the same magic.

    • I would like to see this man’s art in anything and everything to be honest! Johnny the Homicidal Maniac is one of the most entertaining graphic novels I have ever read. Let’s see him do some Diablo art… that would be bad-ass!

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