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Indie Game: The Movie

The indie scene is exploding in gaming as publishers are no longer needed to take a great game from concept to player… all thanks to digital distribution. This film looks like it captures the passion and anguish felt by those who just want to make games for a living. It’s their entire life put up to public scrutiny, and although it takes its toll, it is ultimately rewarding – or is it? This is a story of three guys making their dreams come true, and the hurdles that come with it and displays just how much passion is felt for one of the greatest art mediums of this generation!

The film is yet to be released to the public but it has been screened at the Sundance and SXSW festivals with a great reception. Check out the video below, which is an effort, albeit humorous, to promote the film by turning it into an action movie… LOLZ will ensue!


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