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Team Fortress 2 – It’s almost time to meet the Pyro

We have met everyone on the team so far from the heavyset Russian juggernaut to the black Scottish cyclops. All eight of them have been hilariously introduced to us as excellent cinematic advertisements – the most entertaining gaming ads you’ll ever have the pleasure of letting melt your soul, like so many marshmallows. Now it’s time to meet the Pyro.

The gang at Team Fortress have made this a reality with an announcement on their blog with no specific detail on the actual release date for the new “Meet the Team” short. It’s still exciting. If this one is half as good as the last “Meet the Medic” short, it’ll still be the best thing I’ve seen in a while.

If you haven’t watched any or all of the “Meet the Team” vids then you’re missing out. In fact, I can’t leave you like this. Here’s all nine of them, including “Meet the Sandwich”, slapped together thanks to some awesome man/woman/furry on the internet.

This game is top class and always has been. I’ve been a faithful patron since 2007 and it hasn’t lost any edge. It’s free, It’s amazing. If you don’t yearn to play it after watching those shorts, then you may need to inject more fun into your life pronto.


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