Team Fortress 2 – It’s almost time to meet the Pyro

We have met everyone on the team so far from the heavyset Russian juggernaut to the black Scottish cyclops. All eight of them have been hilariously introduced to us as excellent cinematic advertisements – the most entertaining gaming ads you’ll ever have the pleasure of letting melt your soul, like so many marshmallows. Now it’s time […]

End of Nations – MMORPG? No! Try MMORTS!

The MMO scene has been plagued with role playing. Don’t get me wrong. It’s fun. But the genre is getting overstretched with Warcraft, Conan, Guild Wars and Rift gumming up the works. In comes ex-Westwood developers at Petroglyph, and Rift developers, Trion, with a whole new spin on the MMO scene – real time strategy. […]

Free is the new profit

The world of gaming in recent months, or let’s say in the last year, has gone through some drastic and exciting changes. And it all comes down to money. In a shrinking world economy, it seems like the gaming industry has all but slightly acknowledged the worlds monetary restrictions as it zooms right past all […]