Transformers: Fall of Cybertron trailer

This new Transformers title is a direct sequel to the previous one – War for Cybertron. That game has been hailed as the best Transformers game ever made. This new trailer for Fall of Cybertron puts everything people love about giant robots fighting giant robots in a world filled with giant robots. Dubstep seems to […]

Team Fortress 2 – It’s almost time to meet the Pyro

We have met everyone on the team so far from the heavyset Russian juggernaut to the black Scottish cyclops. All eight of them have been hilariously introduced to us as excellent cinematic advertisements – the most entertaining gaming ads you’ll ever have the pleasure of letting melt your soul, like so many marshmallows. Now it’s time […]

Orion: Dino Beatdown – Dinosaurs, jetpacks, guns. What else do you need?

If I ever got the chance to go back in time and have the opportunity to come face-to-face with a dinosaur – I’d probably want to shoot it in the face… with a futuristic weapon of some kind! After which I would merrily zoom away on my jetpack to search for some more prehistoric lizards […]

Max Payne 3 multiplayer – Rockstar explains

Rockstar busts out with a new Max Payne 3 vid going into detail on the the multiplayer in the up-coming film noir bloodcapade – Max Payne 3.

The question on everyone’s mind, well certainly mind, is the use of bullet-time in a multiplayer environment. According to this only the player using it and those in his/her field of view will be effected. Does include people that aren’t in your field of view but can still see you? They didn’t say…

No matter, Max Payne 3 is looking jaw-droppingly awesome and I am a huge fan of the series from day one. Some interesting game modes are highlighted too 🙂

Bioshock Infinite Heavy Hitters – The Siren

Yet another behind-the-scenes video release introducing us to another slightly alluring yet horrific enemy in the upcoming Bioshock Infinite. The Siren. Raising the dead with her sultry voice… although the vid eludes to a more banshee-type SCREEEEEEEEEAM!

Half Life fan art – When aliens collide

Penny Arcade on Mass Effect 3 Ending DLC

Penny Arcade on Mass Effect 3 Ending DLC

I have just finished Mass Effect 3 and although I am not completely ecstatic about the ending, I fully respect the artistic choice made by the writers. Sure, it could of been written ‘better’ and Bioware could have filled in many of the holes with a damn good explanation instead of leaving our brains on the floor soaked in sweat and tears. But fan’s should not feel so entitled by demanding a new ending. Are we going to demand our favourite authors change their works now!? If so, then I have a few words for George R.R. Martin!

Play it… take it as it is… and come to terms with it.