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Modern Team Fortress Warfare

Modern Team Fortress Warfare

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Ancient Duck Hunt anyone?

Ancient Duck Hunt anyone?

Even the ancient Egyptians needed to relax sometimes

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SimCity’s Glassbox engine – Economics

See the new SimCity’s engine at work as they show you how the residential, industrial and commercial zones affect one another. This will only be released next year, so the peeps at Maxis are really starting behind the scene’s footage quite early… but hey… they’re doing this stuff now, so we might as well watch the process unfold before our eyes.

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Kickstarting Leisure Suit Larry

The original creator of Leisure Suit Larry has come out of the woodwork with a new kickstarter project that is set to make much nostalgia explode out of many gamers’ hearts!

Al Lowe is keen to get this remake of the original underway and asks for $500k. A hefty amount but in two days they are close to $100k, so it looks like they will reach their goal quickly as the project gains more notoriety.


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Orcs Must Die 2 – Announcement trailer

If you played the first one you’re bound to be excited about the new addition to this series for one simple reason – Co-op! With another character, it’s going to be possible to lay down traps and smash orc hordes in a more socially acceptable way… with a friend.

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A trend that may bleed through

A trend that may bleed through

Let’s hope this doesn’t happen to our beloved Half Life 3. Although, some customisation will be accepted provided Valve delivers incredible multiplayer

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Why would you play with any other Shepard?!

Why would you play with any other Shepard?!

Samuel L. Shepard 🙂