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Life getting in the way…again

Life getting in the way...again


North Korea vs South Korea

North Korea vs South Korea

A fundamental difference between the two countries

Mass Effect explains the dinosaurs

Mass Effect explains the dinosaurs

At least one thing that the Mass Effect 3 ending explains is the complete extinction of our scaly friends… what noble heroes they were.

And the body count continues to rise…

And the body count continues to rise...

They’ve been doing it for years. No developer is safe…

Penny Arcade on Mass Effect 3 Ending DLC

Penny Arcade on Mass Effect 3 Ending DLC

I have just finished Mass Effect 3 and although I am not completely ecstatic about the ending, I fully respect the artistic choice made by the writers. Sure, it could of been written ‘better’ and Bioware could have filled in many of the holes with a damn good explanation instead of leaving our brains on the floor soaked in sweat and tears. But fan’s should not feel so entitled by demanding a new ending. Are we going to demand our favourite authors change their works now!? If so, then I have a few words for George R.R. Martin!

Play it… take it as it is… and come to terms with it.

The sales! Beware the sales!

The sales! Beware the sales!

Mortal Kamping

Mortal Kamping