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Life getting in the way…again

Life getting in the way...again


Fan art – a lovely compilation

Fan art - a lovely compilation

Can you name them all?

Assassin’s Creed 3 Trailer – Taking on a new revolution


Looks like the American Revolution is about to a murderous and slick new ally in the form of ‘time travel’! Time to show those bastard Brits why their coats are really red… with blood… because they’re red coats… get it?

Valve looking at giving Steam a console…

Valve looking at giving Steam a console...


Xbox 360 + PS3 = PC/Console

Xbox 360 + PS3 = PC/Console

This champion of DIY gaming has taken the console vs PC war to a new level. Splicing an Xbox and PS3 together, and out comes a PC 😛 Good show! A sheep in wolves clothing, if you will!

Click through to get more pics on the process!