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Life getting in the way…again

Life getting in the way...again


Mortal Kamping

Mortal Kamping

How I feel everytime I see a reaper in Mass Effect

How I feel everytime I see a reaper in Mass Effect

GameFails – Top 5 of February

These guys are funny. Although what can you expect from the people at Rooster Teeth. Check out the channel on Youtube or go to RooterTeeth.com

Call of Duty logic

Call of Duty logic

Yep, you can also shoot someone in the chest with a shotgun and they still come and murder you with a knife to the foot!

Dorkly Bits: Kung Lao’s Hat


A fatal mistake 😛 I recommend everybody takes a trip to Dorkly and watch all their original vids…

Team Fortress is politically correct

Team Fortress is politically correct

All spies will inevitably burn in the great fiery abyss… that being the end of my flamethrower 😀